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Arthritis Aquatic Program This is a warm water exercise program that helps to increase flexibility, range of motion, endurance and decrease joint stiffness. This class allows the participant to exercise without putting strain on joints and muscles. Arthritis Foundation guidelines are followed by certified instructors.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00am - 8:00am          Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:15am - 9:15am  Monday, Wednesday: 5:00pm - 6:00pm 

Tuesday, Thursday: 7:45am - 8:45am

Fee: Monthly price, $11 per class / Drop in price, $15


Abs Arms & Everything Else This class includes combines shallow and deep water exercises to effectively target those hard to tone areas (focus being on arms and abs). This class will challenge even the most experienced water fitness patron. All skill levels welcome.

Friday: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm


Aqua Yoga This class includes full body stretching, meditation and breath control, cervical stretching techniques, Ai-Chi relaxation techniques, and yoga positioning. Don’t worry, no downward dog. All skill levels welcome. 

Saturday: 8:30am - 9:30am


Balance and Core Utilizes various movement patterns designed to challenge balance for the intermediate / advanced exerciser. Core muscles are utilized during all activites. Proper posture is reinforced throughout the class. The primary goal is to use balance and core muscles to maintain proper body alignment through a variety of body positions.

Monday: 10:30 am - 11:30 am


Circle of Calm  Do you want to participate in aquatic exercise or even play with your children or grandchildren in the water, but don't because you are not comfortable or have life long fears? Join our small Circle of Calm class in the warm therapy pool. This is not a "learn to swim" class but rather a "learn to relax and enjoy" the tranquil experience of water in a calm, un-rused setting. 

Friday: 9:30 am - 10:30 am


Disco Deep Core Fusion Shake your Groove Thing and Boogie to Disco music and moves. Strengthen, tone with cardio moves to burn calories!

Friday: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm 


Functionaly Fit & Parkinson's  This class has been designed for those with neuromuscular difficulties. The primary focus is to improve walking patterns and postural alignment by developing core strength and balance. Excercises will also target flexibility, coordination, as well as muscular strength and endurance. The ultimate goal is to enhance performance in activities of daily living. 

* Participants must be ambulatory with or without assistive device.

Wednesday & Friday: 10:30 am - 11:30 am 


HathAqua Yoga Hatha Yoga is the foundation of all Yoga styles. It incorporates Asanas (postures), Pranayama (regulated breathing), meditation (Dharana & dhyana) and kundalini (Laya Yoga) into a complete system that can be used to achieve enlightenment or self- realization.

Monday: 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm 

MS Splash for People with Multiple Sclerosis. This special series takes place in the 85 degree recreational pool. For those with multiple sclerosis the cool water helps regulate the body temperature, allowing for longer and more effective workouts. The focus is on improving mobility skills and endurance for walking and fall prevention. The water provides bone support and builds strength. No swimming ability required. During the summer months, this class takes place in the 79 degree competition pool. 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10:00am - 11:00am 
Location: Recreational Pool


Total Body Sculpting This class is designed for those looking for a full body workout focused on stretching and strengthening. With the use of weights and resistive equipment, muscle toning is a breeze. Participants must be able to independently perform skills.

Monday, Wednesday: 9:30 am -10:30 am
Tuesday: 5:30pm-6:30pm


The following classes are limited to 4 participants. Exercises are progressive so it is highly recommended that you attend all classes. Classes are offered on a montyhly basis. Registration is required through the Therapy Programs Department.

Hip & Knee I & II  Aquatic Hip & Knee rehab is a class is for anyone with chronic hip or knee pain, pre or post-op total hip or anyone trying to avoid surgery. Focus is on improving walking patterns; Core & extremity strengthening & flexibility; Balance & coordination.     * Hip & knee I is a prerequisite for Hip & Knee II                                               

Doctor's prescription required for all post-op patients. 

Tuesdays & Thursdays for 4 weeks:                                     

Fee: $230 for 8 classes                                                                                                         Please contact the Therapy Programs Department                                                                 \ Lori Birmingham                                                                                                           626.564.0330 x425 or Email

SpineHab I & II This class is for anyone with chronic neck, mid-back or low back pain, sciatica, pre or post-op spine surgery or anyone trying to avoid surgery. Focus is on: Dynamic spinal stabilization through core strengthening; Imporoving walking patterns; Extremity strengthening and flexibility; Balance and coordition.                              SpineHab I is a prerequisite for SpineHab II.                                                         

Doctor's prescription required for all post-op patients. 

Tuesdays & Thursdays for 4 weeks:                                     

Fee: $230 for 8 classes                                                                                                           Please contact the Therapy Programs Department                                                              Lori Birmingham                                                                                                           626.564.0330 x425 or Email

Aquatic Orientation  Is required for allnew clients interested in independent Therapy Pool Membership. Clients meet 1 on 1 with staff to determine optimal program. Family and caregivers are encouraged to attend. Please call the Therapy Pool Department to schedule your appointment.

Lori Birmingham                                                                                                           626.564.0330 x425 or Email


Aquatic Physical Therapy Licensed physical therapists are available for adults and pediatric clients needing skilled aquatic therapeutic exercise. Pediatric sessions may be covered by regional center. Sessions are fee basedand by appointment only.  

* Physician prescription for aquatic physical therapy is required.                            * For more informaiton call: 626.564.0330 x425                                                                                                                                                                                              

Independent Exercise This is an opportunity for persons who have sufficient swim, water safety skills and would like to engage in exercises specifically targeted to their needs. Trained caregivers may assist participants, free of charge. Orientation required. 

Type Monthly Quarterly Semi Annual
Adult: $80.00 $225.00 $400.00 $725.00
Senior (55 & up) $65.00 $175.00 $295.00 $525.00

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